Free copies of short stories available in PDF, AZW3 (Kindle), and EPUB. I try to get them up here as soon as they are listed on my Amazon author central page. I provide them for free. If you want to provide something in exchange for your enjoyment, please consider donating to the Seattle Millionaire Club, an organization dedicated to putting homeless and jobless people to work.

All cover art is under Wikimedia Commons open licenses, except for the cover for Going Down, which was purchased from Fotalia. I plan on replacing that someday.

Basebowl:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: Escaping Criticism by Pere Borrel.

Split Decision:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: Bronze Flame by Pup.

Quantum Leap:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: Quem Cai de Cabeca by Almada & Cacilhas.

Payback:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: Liebespaar am Maar 1965 by Pitt Kreuzberg.

Pay Phone:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: Fading by Gromas Thomas.

Mull it Over:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: The Barber by Nicholas Gysis.

Judgment:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: Previous to the Final Judgment by William Blake.

The Lost Soul:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: Soul in Bondage by Elihu Vedder.

For the Homeland:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: Bushman Rock Painting by Steve Evans.

Fair Trade:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: St. Christopher by Domenico de Pace Beccafumi

Hibernation:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: Oblečena Mošca Figura by Rihard Jakopič

Intruder:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: Backlit Woman by Eric LeSourd

Going Down:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: Fotalia Royalty Free Image.

Ball and Chain:  pdf    azw3    epub
Cover art: Kiss and Make Up by Benson Kua.

Burnt Remains:  pdf     azw3    epub
Cover art: Pain by Tetranecro.

The Distaff:  pdf   azw3    epub
Cover art: Adam and Eve, by Gustav Klimt.


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