[AC Birdsong, up against the wall...]

Up against the wall, er, you…

A.C. Birdsong wrote his first story in the 4th grade (“Escape from Jupiter”), and then took a well earned 40-year authoring hiatus. During this period of writing silence he served a couple of Army hitches, got a couple of university degrees, worked a pile of corporate jobs, traveled a large portion of the globe, and did what he could to experience what was out there. Following a particularly long and painful stint as a contract writer in Saudi Arabia, he spent three months knocking around Europe and drafted his first full novel, Spellbound (later retitled “Inside the Tall, Thick Book of Tales“). Eventually returning to the U.S., he stowed the orange notebook that was the novel in a trunk and went back to work.

The post Dot Com Bust era found him working as an IT consultant in Cleveland, and he began writing again. Writing nearly 40 stories during this 18 month period, he took advantage of Cleveland’s rich open mic pub environment to read many of them in public. “People generally liked them,” he says. “I was often the only non-musical person in the line up, so it was a nice break in the evening. Other writers who showed up usually did  performance poetry or read from their never-to-be-finished novels. I thought a lot about my own novel during that time. But it stayed in the trunk.”

In 2010, A.C. finally decided to do something about the book. Shoehorning several complete rewrites, several dozen reads, a professional edit, a copy edit, and a proof between family obligations and work requirements, the book was finally published and available an Amazon on October 13th, 2013. “If I didn’t have to eat and pay rent, it would have been done 15 years ago.”

Though he was working on a sequel to Inside the Tall, Thick Book of Tales, (working title Shelf Life), that volume of notes currently sits dormant on a virtual shelf. Between January and March of 2013 he completed a full draft of Defriending the Librarian, a speculative fiction mystery. The book is scheduled to be released as an eBook in April of 2015. Birdsong says, “At least it didn’t take 20 years like the first one.”

In addition to the novels, A.C. is also working on a set of 18 short stories which he plans to collect into a volume titled Nothing Happens. Let’s hope the book happens, even if its title suggests otherwise.