Inside the Tall, Thick Book of Tales

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Inside the Tall, Thick Book of Tales

by A C Birdsong [Cape Buffalo Publishing]
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Price: $12.00

Inside the Tall, Thick Book of Tales

by A.C. Birdsong [Cape Buffalo Publishing]
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It’s sometime in the modern era — modern enough for cell phones, medical scanners, and virtual reality vacations, anyway. In an unnamed technological backwater lives an old man named Jacob who is the last known Caretaker of Magic. Jacob has two purposes in life: to preserve magical knowledge until the world needs it, and to train the apprentice who will take over as Caretaker after Jacob is gone.Jacob’s apprentice is a bumbling, devious genius named Palmer who has been studying under Jacob for eight years. Palmer has learned just enough magic to be dangerous, and has become impatient. Tired of learning at the slow pace Jacob has set, Palmer constructs a powerful spell which he uses to trap both Jacob and his young neighbor Lucy, holding them hostage against Jacob transferring all magical knowledge to him.

The spell is in an old book of fairy tales Palmer has enchanted. Writing in the magically wiped pages, he creates scenes which affect not only Jacob and Lucy, but also the book’s original characters, now trapped in the margins of the book.

Palmer soon tires of harassing Jacob, and goes into town, where the local community is trying to find the missing Lucy. The weather, the loss of local communication services, and other circumstances separate him from the book, and as time passes, Jacob and Lucy try to escape, and the book’s original characters try to return their world to its former state.

Does Palmer get what he wants? Does Jacob escape? Read it and find out.